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Топ песня Disturbed
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Disturbed - Two Worlds

Kill me tonight

Two worlds are waring in me, killing us now,
Raging inside,pleasure my horror in me,remove the sickness,
Plauging my mind, (chorus) two worlds are waring in me,killing us now,
Show me light,two worlds collide when ever I step to the front,
I look for a new place to hide, when tearing my color away,I swallow
My pride, and never forget what I want,I'm starting to long for a time
Repairing the war in my mind,

Two worlds are waring in me, both sides are losing, patience has died,
None of the mortal remains,drowns my convictions, regions divide,

After chorus

Give me a sign
Tell me when it's time
Show me the light
Tell me when this is fucking over
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